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Accountants in Argentina

Accountants in Argentina

If you want to open a company in Argentina, you must also consider the rules regarding accounting. In this sense, we recommend you to collaborate with our accountants in Argentina and to discover the services that can be offered to you. In the following lines, you can read some information about the most important accounting services, specifying that our accounting firm in Argentina has specialists in the field who can guide you in this regard.

What accounting services are required for companies in Argentina?

When setting up a company in Argentina, it is good to take into account the accounting necessary to carry out the activities legally and correctly. Below you can find some of these services, offered by our accountants in Argentina:

  • Bookkeeping – With the help of bookkeeping services, all financial inputs and outputs are properly recorded in the company. There are payment platforms that our accountants in Argentina use.
  • Payroll – We provide you with payroll services when you want to start a company in Argentina. Our specialist deals with the calculation of payroll taxes, their payment, and the distribution of the respective incomes in the bank accounts of the company’s employees.
  • Audits – When you want to know how to manage the company from a financial point of view, audits are recommended. These are of several types, depending on the type of reporting required. Following an audit, various measures can be taken in the company.
  • Tax registration – Our accountants in Argentina can help company owners register for tax payments.
  • Preparation of annual financial declarations – With the help of our accounting firm from Argentina, you can prepare and submit annual financial statements, as required by law.
  • Tax guidance – We provide a series of services, including tax advice, guidance, and planning to be able to pay the related taxes correctly.

These are some of the services offered by our accounting firm in Argentina. Please contact us for company formation in Argentina and ask for a team of accountants.

We represent companies in case of inspections

It is important to specify that our accounting specialists in Argentina can represent you in case of controls imposed by the financial authorities of this country. Certain documents are required here and routine checks are made, therefore, an accountant in Argentina can provide the authorities with all the necessary information in this regard. You thus ensure that the company benefits from proper business consulting from a tax point of view.

Why invest in Argentina

When you want to register a company in Argentina, it is good to know all the economic aspects of the country in order to make the best business decision. Below you can find some information about Argentina’s economy:

  • An economic growth of approximately 1.6% was recorded in Argentina in 2023.
  • Agriculture was the key sector that supported the economic growth recorded in Argentina in 2023, along with the manufacturing, retail, and hospitality sectors.
  • The total FDI stock for Argentina for 2022 was about USD 116 billion.
  • The real GDP growth in Argentina in 2024 is expected to reach around 3.2%.

If you want an accounting firm in Argentina we invite you to contact us and learn more about our services when the process of company incorporation in Argentina begins.