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Employer of Record in Argentina

Employer of Record in Argentina

Employer of record in Argentina (EOR) involves the hiring and registration of workers, without the need to register a company beforehand. There are simple and quick procedures to benefit from employer of record services in Argentina and we advise you to contact our local specialists for complete details and support.

What does employer of record in Argentina involve and how you can benefit from this service

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the employee of record in Argentina is a simple process through which a worker can be hired in just a few days. This third-party service allows you to hire full-time employees without opening a company in Argentina. Here are other essential aspects of EOR in Argentina:

  • We can ensure that the employment contract aligns with the Argentinian Labor Law when we act as your employer of record in Argentina.
  • Hiring can be done in a maximum of 14 days.
  • The working week is 40 hours.
  • You can benefit from employees from all over the world.
  • The minimum wage salary in Argentina is ARS69,500 per month.
  • Employees are registered with the relevant authorities in Argentina, in this case with the Argentine Ministry of Labor.
  • The employment contract must include information about salary, compensation, paid leave, 13th month salary, and other employment terms.

These are some of the essential information about the employer of record in Argentina. We advise you to contact us if you want such services. In addition, those interested in company formation in Argentina have all our support at their disposal.

What are the responsibilities of employer of record in Argentina?

Argentinian EOR is remote employment, which entails a series of responsibilities, including the employment contract registered with the relevant authorities. Also with the employer of record in Argentina, you will have the guarantee that the procedures related to payroll and taxes are respected. As in any company, payslips will be drawn up and salaries will be distributed as mentioned in company policies. The specialists in the employer of record in Argentina know the procedures involved and can solve any problem that may arise at a given time. We recommend the support offered by our company formation agents in Argentina in this endeavor. Talk to us if you want to start a business in Argentina.

Probation and termination period in Argentina

As seen and respected in every company, there is a trial period for any employee in Argentina. Thus, with the employer of record you can ensure that this trial period is respected and normally, it does not exceed 3 months. If the employee does not want to continue in the respective company, he/she must notify the company at least 15 days before leaving.

On the other hand, when it comes to the termination of a work contract, an employer can end the collaboration if he/she is not satisfied with the respective employee and if he/she does not live up to the expected standards. Termination of the employment contract can be done voluntarily, if the employee no longer wants it, or by both parties, with a prior notification.

We invite you to discover some information about employment in Argentina:

  • The data for Q1 of 2023 show that there were over 14 million registered employees in Argentina.
  • Around 5.23 million workers were found in primary industries in Argentina.
  • There is an approximate number of 973,787 unemployed people in Argentina, according to the data for Q1 of 2023.

Those interested in the employer of record in Argentina have at their disposal our team of specialists. Contact us, therefore, if you want information in this regard or if you want to know more about company formation in Argentina.