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Frequently asked questions

Argentina is an attractive country for many business people who are interested in doing business here. As follows, our company formation consultants in Argentina present the most frequently asked questions on company formation in this country.

1. Why invest in Argentina?

Argentina represents a developing market with a diverse industry, an educated population and a largely specialized workforce. 

Because of these reasons, together with the fact that the local government has introduced a set of incentives for foreign investments, the country encourages the foreign entrepreneurs and corporations to set up offshore businesses here.

The local legislation does not impose any restrictions for foreign investment, which is an attractive factor to foreign entrepreneurs. According to the constitution of Argentina, foreign investors take advantage of the same legal treatment as local businesses and persons. 

2. Which are the types of business entities in this country?

The legal entities which can be set up in Argentina are:

Our Argentina company formation advisors can assist entrepreneurs who are interested in opening any of these types of companies in this country.

3. How can a company be registered in Argentina?

In order to set up a company in Argentina, the entrepreneur has to:

  • reserve a company name;
  • supply a local office lease agreement;
  • sign the legal entity set up documents;
  • register for tax and social security;
  • obtain the necessary business license.

4. Which are the most common legal entities in Argentina?

The most common companies in Argentina are the LLCs (limited liability companies).

5. What is the minimum paid-up capital required for a stock corporation?

The minimum paid-up capital for a stock corporation in Argentina is USD 7,500.

6. What is a free zone company in Argentina?

A free zone company in Argentina is similar to the LLC. It necessitates two shareholders and three directors to be set up. Our company registration agents in Argentina can help you open this type of company here.

7. What are the requirements for shareholders who are private persons?

The requirements for shareholders who are private persons in this country are to provide their passport information, addresses and data on their type of occupation. A certified copy of their passport is necessary, as well.

8. What are the requirements for shareholders which are legal entities?

Shareholders which are legal entities in Argentina must submit their registration documents, translated into Spanish, and the apostilled documents, as well as other documentation.

9. What are the main industries to invest in Argentina?

The main sectors to invest in Argentina are the restaurant businesses, the production of food, the services of beauty salons, spas, hairdressers, and others.

10. Are cash transactions taxed in Argentina?

Cash transactions in Argentina are taxed with 0.6%.

If you have more questions about the company formation procedures in Argentina, or for help in setting up a company in Argentina, please contact us.