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Open a SPV in Argentina

Open a SPV in Argentina

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Argentina is a specific business structure for certain projects. With the help of our local agents, you can register an SPV in Argentina. We have experience in company formation in Argentina and we can guide you in this regard. In the following lines, you can find information about how to set up an SPV in Argentina and what conditions you must fulfill.

What is an SPV company in Argentina?

SPV in Argentina is a business structure used by local and foreign company owners for short-term business projects. Such structures can be established in different sectors of interest in Argentina, respecting the legislation in force in this country. Here is some information about the SPV company in Argentina:

  • At the time of incorporation, one must declare the SPV status of the company in question.
  • It is allowed to establish only one SPV per foreign company group in Argentina.
  • Sole shareholders cannot incorporate SPVs in Argentina.
  • SPVs in Argentina can be created after an investment plan is registered with the Public Registry of Commerce in Buenos Aires.

Those who want to open a company in Argentina and want details about special vehicle purposes can opt for our team of specialists. We help foreign entrepreneurs to start a company in Argentina regardless of the selected business entity.

How does a special purpose vehicle company work in Argentina?

SPV is a business entity in Argentina that can be established for certain purposes and objectives that can be different from the main operations of companies or structures interested in dealing with such business projects. Here are other interesting details:

  • Limited liability companies or limited partnerships are optimal structures for opening an SPV in Argentina. It is good to know that SPVs in Argentina have legal status, and own liabilities and assets.
  • Most of the time, SPVs in Argentina are established to avoid or even isolate certain financial risks in business.
  • Some investors prefer this business structure to gather money together and invest in a single company.

Many local and foreign entrepreneurs prefer SPV companies in Argentina to open investment funds. However, it is good to take into account the type of investments you want to make and to respect local and international legislation, as the case may be.

Here’s why you can choose SPV company in Argentina

You can establish an SPV in Argentina for the following projects:

  • Using an SPV company for tax benefits in case of property purchase or sale in Argentina.
  • Purchasing assets or making acquisitions that can be easily mortgaged, sold, or refunded distinctly.
  • Reducing the financial risks in certain projects that would probably be found if a company were to get involved in them.
  • Project financing to be able to buy a specific asset/property.

If you want to set up a company in Argentina and SPV is your choice, then you should also consider some statistical data about the country’s economy. Here are some of them:

  • About USD 15 billion was the total FDI inflow in 2022 in Argentina.
  • The total FDI stock for Argentina for the same year was around USD 116 billion.
  • The real GDP growth in Argentina in 2024 is expected to grow by 3.2%.

We invite you to learn more about company incorporation in Argentina from our local agents who can also explain the procedures for setting up an SPV. Contact us to find out as much information as possible.