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Set up a Limited Liability Company in Argentina

Set up a Limited Liability Company in Argentina

LLC in Argentina can be set up with a minimum share capital of USD 300 and at least two shareholders, no matter from which country. The registration process of companies can be explained and guided by our company formation agents in Argentina, who can help entrepreneurs with document issues, among other several requirements. The same team can help you draft the documents for your LLC in Argentina.

 Quick Facts  
The liability of the owners in an LLC

 In a limited liability company (LLC), the owners are individually responsible for the debts/ obligations of the business limited to their capital contributions.

Minimum share capital for an LLC in Argentina 


Minimum number of shareholders for LLC in Argentina 


Time frame for incorporation 

A few days

Corporate tax rate 


Dividend tax rate


VAT rate  21%
Number of double taxation treaties in Argentina (approx.)


Do you supply a registered address/virtual office?

Yes, we offer different virtual office packages. 

Local director required  Yes, the LLC in Argentina requires a local director.
Annual meeting required

Yes, the annual meeting is a requirement for an LLC in Argentina. 

Redomiciliation permitted 


Electronic signature 

Electronic signature services are available. 

Foreign ownership allowed?


Any tax exemptions?

For the sale of shares, government bonds, corporate bonds, etc. 

 Apostilled documents for company registration in Argentina Also required to be translated into Spanish 

 Business name verification  

Mandatory before an LLC is registered in Argentina 

 Authority in charge of LLC registration in Argentina  

Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires or in other cities 

 Minimum share capital deposit    At least 25% of the total amount
 Can hire foreign workers  

Yes, the immigration rules must be observed. 

 Legal liability of an LLC in Argentina  


 Filling annual tax return (YES/NO)  


 How many directors an LLC in Argentina can have?

At least 2 

 Statutory audit required for LLCs in Argentina (YES/NO)


Permitted to sign business contracts    Owners of LLCs in Argentina can sign business contracts without restrictions. 
 Office rental in Argentina

Required in certain situations 

 Can more than 50 investors form an LLC in Argentina?  

No, other business structures are optimal in this case. 

Accounting services for LLCs in Argentina 

– bookkeeping,

– payroll,

– audits,

–  HR administration,

– preparation and submission of annual financial statements 

Best city for business formation in Argentina 

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina 

Why work with our agents in Argentina?   We have experience in company formation in Argentina and can manage the paperwork and procedures for registering an LLC in this country. 

Conditions to open an LLC in Argentina in 2024

An LLC in Argentina can be quickly registered as the bureaucracy in this matter has been simplified due to many entrepreneurs interested in having their operations on the Argentinian market in a less time-consuming manner. Here are the main requirements for setting up an LLC in Argentina:

  • Reserve the name for your company;
  • Prepare the Articles of Association;
  • Offer information about the firm’s owners;
  • Notarize the partners’ signatures;
  • Appoint a board of managers for your LLC in Argentina;
  • Deposit at least 25% of the minimum share capital in the company’s bank account;
  • Register for tax purposes in Argentina;
  • Obtain the fiscal code.

When drafting the documents for your business in Argentina, we suggest you address our specialists in company incorporation in Argentina, who can guide you through the entire registration process and explain the conditions as stipulated by the law. The owners must focus on registering for the turnover tax with other local tax authorities from the moment the LLC has been incorporated. An insurance contract must be issued for future employees in the company.

Below is an infographic with information on how to start an LLC in Argentina:

Characteristics of an LLC in Argentina 

In Argentina, the Limited Liability Company (S.R.L. – Sociedad de Responsibilidad Limitada) seems to be the most common legal entity. It is comparable to a corporation, but it is less expensive to run and has a cap on the number of shareholders. LLCs in Argentina have the following characteristics:

  • The term quotas rather than shares represents capital. There is no minimum capital requirement, but the IGJ (General Inspectorate of Justice) will require the company to have enough money to achieve its goal. Quotas are used to divide company capital. The face value and vote rights of all quotas must be the same. Shareowners can have several quotas.
  • LLCs, international corporations, or individuals can be partners. An LLC in Argentina cannot have an Argentine corporation as a partner. The limited liability company requires a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty shareholders. Individuals or businesses, both domestic and international, may have quotas. According to the Public Registry of Commerce, if the firm has two or more quota holders, the minority shareholder must own at least 2% of the company’s capital; 
  • Meetings are held following the company’s bylaws. They are not essential in the same way they are in a corporation;
  • The LLC is governed by managers who can act individually or collectively depending on the company’s regulations. Managers are not required to be LLC’s partners; 
  • Depending on the organization of the management and the contract’s regulation of its operation, the managers are individually or collectively accountable. If several managers were involved in the same actions that resulted in liability, the court might decide based on their involvement in the events. When management is organized as a board, provisions related to the accountability of directors of a corporation apply; 
  • Transferring ownership in an LLC is more complex than in a SA because each transfer requires a notary reference. Transferring quotas is not restricted as long as its operating agreement does not prevent it.

For further information about opening an LLC in Argentina in 2024, you can interact with our company incorporation consultants. For company formation in Argentina, you can also consult our incorporation specialists if you have any questions about an LLC. They will give you detailed advice on this subject.

Argentina has become one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs and small company owners. This is demonstrated by the abundance of duty-free zones and industrial parks that have strewn over the nation. These things aid in luring big firms and international investors eager to establish operations there. You are welcome to get help from our local company incorporation specialists if you want to open a company in Argentina

We present you a video with information on how LLCs are registered in Argentina:

Small businesses should form LLCs with small and steady investor groups. The cost is more negligible, and less publishing and administrative work are involved. LLCs are intended for smaller firms that do not require all of the formalities that corporations do by their nature.

Incorporating an LLC in Argentina requires at least 2 founding members and no more than 50 shareholders. The liability of each shareholder is limited to the initial contribution to the company. Moreover, the contributed capital to the LLC established in Argentina is then distributed into shares.

Besides an LLC, if you are also interested in establishing a subsidiary in this country, you can get in touch with our company formation experts in Argentina. They will provide you with thorough guidance and assistance in setting up a subsidiary in Argentina

Notary services required for changes of the LLC

If first-time investors want to start a company in Argentina, they can get guidance from our consultants, because each company structure varies and does not suit everyone’s business needs. An Argentine LLC is not allowed to have more than fifty quota holders. When an LLC’s ownership changes, the partners must return to a notary to sign different forms. When there are a lot of investors and ownership changes hands regularly, dealing with LLCs can be difficult.

The LLC’s regulations should comprise the arrangements agreed upon by the shareholders at the time of incorporation. Once issued the Articles of Incorporation, these documents should be enrolled by a public notary in Argentina.

The Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires

No matter the business form, all companies must be registered with the Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires or with the local authorities if other cities are chosen. If the documents and the requirements mentioned above are already fulfilled, then you can direct your attention to the application form for LLCs in Argentina and the incorporation fee. The Public Register of Commerce in Buenos Aires will issue the registration certificate for your enterprise in Argentina.

The registration of an LLC in Argentina with the Public Commercial Registry ends with the issuance of a registration certificate. Such a certificate is legal and shows that the limited liability company is incorporated in Argentina.

10 essential steps for LLC incorporation in Argentina

If you want to set up a company in Argentina and you want to make sure that you check off all the formalities and procedures required by the legislation by the authorities, the following guide might be useful to you:

  • Appointing a representative – With the help of a local agent, you can start the steps to register the desired company. He can act with a power of attorney granted by the shareholders. In this way, you ensure that all the conditions are met and that you can incorporate the respective company.
  • Preparation of documents – The Articles of Association are the main documents of an LLC in Argentina. Because we have experience in company formation in Argentina, we can prepare the necessary documents when you want to register a company.
  • Registration for the payment of taxes – The Administration Federal de Ingresos Publicos is the authority that issues tax IDs for newly established companies in Argentina. Our agent can submit the necessary documents to obtain this number for your LLC in Argentina.
  • Drafting company bylaws – Agreements reached and approved by shareholders of a newly-formed company in Argentina are also known as social contracts. These can be drafted in front of a public notary.
  • Opening a bank account in Argentina – Companies that are going to carry out their activities in Argentina must already have an open bank account. With the help of our specialists, you can open such a bank account in just a few days. We can successfully represent you in this endeavor when opening an LLC in Argentina.
  • Obtaining the business license – It is necessary to obtain a business license depending on the activities to be developed on the market. A newly established company cannot start operations without making sure that it has all the documents in order.
  • Obtaining the incorporation certificate – Once the relevant authorities accept the documents and provide the necessary approvals, the Certificate of Incorporation is issued. In this step, it can be said that the company is incorporated with the Public Commercial Registry and that it can start its activities.
  • Hiring staff – Depending on the business plans, we move on to the registration of employees for the company. Employment contracts are drawn up and employees are registered with social security, pension fund, health contribution, etc.
  • Obtaining company seal – The Certificate of Incorporation is the necessary document for the application for company seal. You can call on our specialists for the preparation of other specific documents.
  • Hiring an accounting firm – Although an accounting department can be opened in the company, it is more advisable to outsource these services. An accounting firm can deal with the implementation of all measures related to bookkeeping, payroll, audits, tax returns, annual financial statements, and many more.

How long does it take to register an LLC in Argentina?

Usually, a limited liability company in Argentina can be registered in a few days. Thus, the LLC can be active on the market as soon as the certificate of incorporation is issued by the relevant authorities.

An overview of an LLC in Argentina in 2024

Please find below the general information about the structure of a limited liability company in Argentina:

  • An LLC in Argentina requires a minimum paid-up capital of USD 300;
  • It requires a minimum 2 directors, along with a minimum 2 shareholders;
  • It takes around 8 weeks to open a bank account for an LLC in Argentina;
  • Foreign companies operating in Argentina (i.e. limited liability companies) are required to have a local legal vehicle;
  • The LLC is managed by one or more managers who may or may not be members of the company. The managers are appointed by the members and can be removed at any time;
  • An LLC is subject to corporate income tax, which is currently set at a rate of 25%. The company must also pay social security contributions and value-added tax (VAT) on its sales.

Why choose Argentina for business

Argentina continues to attract the attention of foreign entrepreneurs who find this territory suitable for future business operations and expansion. With an advantageous tax system, and the possibility to access several markets and sectors of interest directly in Argentina, the country can be the optimal choice for entrepreneurs interested in generous profits and a beneficial business climate.

Overall, an LLC in Argentina is a flexible and relatively straightforward option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the country. However, it’s important to seek professional advice to ensure that you meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

You are welcome to contact our company incorporation consultants in Argentina. Besides guidance regarding establishing an LLC in Argentina in 2024, our team members can also help you with the company documentation and bank account.