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Shelf Company in Argentina

Shelf Company in Argentina

A shelf corporation, also known as a shelf company or an old corporation in Argentina, is a company or entity that has no active business. Therefore, its creation results in no activity. This company can be sold to a person or group of persons who want to establish a business without going through all of the steps involved in starting one from scratch.

Such an entity is already registered in Argentina and has an available bank account. Suppose you are interested in buying a shelf company in Argentina, in that case, we mention that our team of specialists in company incorporation in Argentina is at your disposal with comprehensive information and assistance.

The advantages of a shelf company in Argentina

Ready-made companies in Argentina are registered companies kept on a “shelf” until they age. The purchase of such an enterprise is less time-consuming, and the process only involves a few days to transfer the ownership, sign the contracts and pay the price. This is one of the major reasons why investors choose shelf companies in Argentina. Furthermore, a ready-made company already has a bank account. Still, please consider that if you would like to change the name of your business, the financial institution might require opening a new bank account. 

At the same time, opening a company in Argentina can be an easy process that can be guided and explained by our company incorporation specialists in Argentina.

Why purchase a shelf company in Argentina?

For a brief introduction of the activities on the market in Argentina, entrepreneurs can choose to buy a shelf company in Argentina. However, before making the purchase, one should consider a background check and establish what type of business he/she wants to develop. Besides the advantages mentioned below, we would like to add that a shelf company has no debts or liabilities and is ready to be launched. Because it supports new firms, Argentina has become one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs and small company owners. This is demonstrated by the abundance of duty-free zones and industrial parks that have strewn over the nation, which aids in luring huge firms and international investors eager to start a company in Argentina.

Besides a shelf company, you can also interact with our company formation consultants in Argentina if you plan to open a personal bank account in this country. In addition to a personal bank account, our consultants can also assist in opening a corporate bank account.  

Ins and outs of a shelf company in Argentina 

There are many reasons why a person should buy a shelf company in Argentina instead of incorporating any legal entity from scratch. The following are some of the most typical reasons for purchasing a shelf corporation: 

  • To avoid the time and effort necessary in forming a new corporation;
  • To be able to participate in contract bidding. Governments can require a corporation to have been in business for a particular amount of time to have this capability;
  • To demonstrate the longevity of a company to attract customers or investors;
  • To be able to obtain corporate credit;
  • Banks provide guaranteed access to bank accounts, business loans, and corporate finance instruments.

If you need more reasons before making a shelf company purchase in Argentina, you can interact with our experts. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard. 

Registration requirements for shelf company in Argentina

If you want your incorporation to be registered in Argentina, you can get in touch with our team members. Details about the new directors and shareholders, as well as copies of the due diligence, will be required by our team in Argentina, in addition to this:

  • Criminal background checks for all shareholders; 
  • Letters of recommendation from two local banks for each candidate; 
  • Local verification of no bankruptcies in your place of residency.

Our company formation experts can draw up the company paperwork that appoints new directors and stockholders in Argentina. They will also file similar paperwork with Argentina’s corporate department on the same day. You can also ask further questions if you still have any ambiguity related to the process of buying a shelf company in Argentina.

Furthermore, if you have not run due diligence on the shelf company in Argentina, you are about to buy, you can acquire the services of our company formation experts in this regard. They will run detailed due diligence to help you avoid any potential harm.

Get a shelf company with the help of our experts in Argentina

A shelf company (also referred to as a ready-made company) is a firm that has already been registered and established as an entity, with all documentation ready to go for your business needs, except for transferring ownership. All you have to do is buy it, alter the director’s names, and you are done. You are welcome to get in touch with our experts for any questions related to the process of purchasing a shelf company in Argentina. Moreover, for enhanced confidentiality and protection, you can also purchase the shelf business with the legal assistance of our seasoned consultants. The advantages of buying a shelf company include the speed and ease of the transaction and the construction of history and company standing. In addition, because certain jurisdictions demand a fixed business age for contract bidding, a ready-made firm can be advantageous. 

You can rely on the legal services of our team members if you want to buy a shelf company in Argentina. The comprehensive assistance of our team can help you make this purchase in a short time and help you avoid any potential fraud. Furthermore, you can also seek assistance from our experts to set up a subsidiary in this country. They can provide you with detailed assistance in all aspects of this process. 

How corporate tax rate upheld Argentina’s economy?

The corporate income tax rate in Argentina is a tax levied on businesses. The net income of firms determines their value earned while conducting business, usually over a single fiscal year. Therefore, the corporate tax rate generates significant revenue for Argentina’s government.

  • The tax revenue of Argentina by November 2021 was 1034964.00 ARS million;
  • The government revenue of Argentina by October 2021 was 927418.90 ARS million.

Contact our company formation experts if you are interested in opening a shelf company in Argentina. Our Argentinian consultants will provide you with comprehensive legal assistance in this regard. 

Furthermore, our team members in Argentina can also help you establish a branch in this country. They will provide you with detailed guidance regarding the functioning and regulations of this legal entity.