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Startup in Argentina

Startup in Argentina

The procedure for registering a startup in Argentina is simple, and with the help of our experienced incorporation agents, you can commence the activities quickly. Moreover, Buenos Aires is one of the best startup hubs in Argentina. If you are planning to initiate a startup in Buenos Aires, you are welcome to get in touch with our company incorporation agents in Argentina. They can assist you throughout the formation procedure.

Steps to open a startup in Argentina

In order to set up an Argentine startup, foreign investors often choose one of four major forms of entities: a private limited liability company, a public liability company, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. Each has advantages and disadvantages of its own and the ideal option will depend on the type and desired structure of your startup. If you want to have startups in Buenos Aires, you can get assistance from our company formation experts. They can help you start a business in Argentina. Below you can find the steps to initiate a startup in Argentina:

  • Legal representation: To oversee Argentina startup procedures, you must designate a legal representative through a power of attorney (POA), which will grant him/her the authority to act on your behalf, including signing legal documents. You can get the services of our company incorporation agents. They can help you open a company in Argentina.
  • Startup name: Once you have confirmed that no other businesses are operating under the name you have selected, you can register your company name with Argentina’s General Inspection of Justice.
  • Startup bylaws: Your Argentinian startup’s bylaws are the cornerstones of your business. They outline the goals and organizational structure of your startup in Buenos Aires. Our experts can provide you with more information in this regard.
  • Capital: To complete the process of setting up a startup in Argentina, a deposit of 25% of the capital must be made to the Bank of the Argentine Nation. You can get that money back once the company’s bylaws have been legally registered.
  • Publication: You must publish information about your company’s founding in the Official Gazette on a national scale. A registered Argentine lawyer must publish this.
  • Fee: After completing these procedures, you must pay a fee to submit all of the required paperwork via the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights website to complete the incorporation process. Our company formation agents in Argentina can help you in this matter. 

There are also other steps regarding obtaining a unique tax identification code and opening a bank account in Argentina. You are welcome to get in touch with our company incorporation consultants. They can offer you comprehensive guidance regarding a startup in Buenos Aires.

Financing a startup in Argentina

If you want to open a company in Argentina and you are thinking about a startup, you should know that there are financing methods. Here are some options in this regard:

  • Certain venture capital companies offer support and financial assistance for startups in Argentina. This could be a good solution for those interested in startup capital.
  • Probably the first option for an entrepreneur interested in a startup in Buenos Aires is a bank loan. Financial institutions impose various conditions, but minimal risks and without complexities.
  • Funding for startups in Argentina is also possible with the help of government programs or those that come from the private sector in this country.

Suggested marketing strategies for startups in Argentina

When opening a startup in Argentina, a good marketing plan is also needed. It helps promote the respective business optimally, from the very beginning. You can opt for a marketing department in the company or even outsource these services. They can offer you various marketing strategies, personalized and dedicated for businesses at the beginning of the road. Indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns are often excellent options for promoting Argentina startups.

What to pay attention to when opening a startup in Argentina

If you are interested in company formation in Argentina and want to open a startup, it is recommended to consider possible business risks and challenges. Here are the recommendations in this regard and why they should be taken into account:

  • It is good to know the business climate in Argentina. Certain startups can work in sectors such as IT, education, tourism, or healthcare, while others require more market research.
  • Entrepreneurs have countless resources at their fingertips when it comes to Argentina startups. It would be good for them to be discovered from the very beginning so that the activities can be carried out optimally from the very beginning.
  • Setting up a company in Argentina also means understanding the business legislation. It is better to prevent unforeseen situations than to resolve a commercial conflict that could last quite a long time.
  • Local market analysis is another recommendation before registering a startup in Argentina. This is how you can know exactly in which field certain activities can be developed, knowing the type of consumer.

Great sectors to initiate startups in Argentina 

Many international business owners, however, believe the paperwork and problems associated with establishing startups in Buenos Aires to be worthwhile, owing to the abundance of opportunities and local talent. When contemplating incorporating into Argentina, it is advisable to seek the advice of professionals and firms with local knowledge. It is a legally complicated country, with laws changing and being introduced regularly, especially during a period of economic uncertainty.

Business prospects, international alliances, industrial innovation, and invention bloom when national governments focus their efforts on economic growth and courting foreign direct investment. Argentina has long been a major economic force in the area. Argentina startups are now receiving a lot of attention as well.

Argentina has a diverse range of sectors that are both influential and profitable. Here are some examples for those interested in opening a startup in Argentina:

1. B2B services in Argentina

The Argentinian government is now focused on opportunities in software development, artificial intelligence, FinTech, and telecom. Any company in Argentina pursuing the B2B services business should be successful if they have the necessary experience, resources, and inventiveness. Argentina’s B2B services business has a strong international reputation. The services industry in Argentina is tremendously successful, accounting for over 60% of the national GDP. If you are interested in pursuing startups in Argentina related to B2B services, you can interact with our company formation experts. They can also provide you with detailed assistance if you want to open a branch in this country. 

2. Mining in Argentina 

Argentina also has unrivaled access to natural resources. Mining contributes a significant portion of the country’s GDP due to its easy availability. Coal, copper, lead, magnesium, silver, lithium, gold, and other important metals are among the natural resources recovered in Argentina. Given that just around 15% of Argentina’s resources have been explored, there is significant potential in the near future. When establishing a commercial agreement, Argentina startups might take advantage of international attention. The startup has the potential to become an industry leader if it uses a novel, original, and inventive approach and/or technology. If you are interested in opening a sole trader in Argentina, you are welcome to interact with our experts.

3. Agriculture in Argentina

Agriculture accounts for nearly 9% of the country’s GDP. However, Argentina’s cattle-related items are in great request as well. In the worldwide market, beef, leather, and dairy goods are in great demand, and demand for these items from Argentina is particularly high. Argentina’s agricultural economy, in general, is fertile with possibilities throughout a wide range of plains. There appear to be an infinite number of possibilities and areas within the industry on which to concentrate one’s commercial efforts. So, this is a good time to initiate startups in Argentina related to agriculture. Our company formation experts will help you to set up a company in Argentina. Furthermore, if you need any expert assistance regarding choosing Argentina startups, you are welcome to ask any questions

Things you need to know about Argentinian startups

Argentina’s economy has seen one of the region’s fastest growth rates in recent years. Compared to many other democracies, Argentina’s government is more directly involved in the economy. Here is some information you should consider if you want to relocate your company’s activities to Argentina:

  • Construction permits: Not all firms may need to commission local construction, but if you do, you should be aware of Argentinian building regulations. You should be aware that the hardest part of starting a business in Argentina is by far getting construction permissions. Even if everything goes perfectly, it will take 150 days to just get the construction licenses you need and the legally mandated Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Credit: Even if your company is doing well, you could still need to get loans to partially or fully finance an expansion. Argentina is ranked 67th in the world by the World Bank in terms of how simple it is to obtain credit. Although that may not sound ideal, Argentina has a decent ranking and one of the most efficient loan application procedures;
  • Regulation time: In Argentina, it takes a little longer than the OECD average to establish a firm. The average time to register and launch a firm is 26 days, which is longer than in most OECD countries and therefore more expensive.

If you need more knowledge before initiating startups in Buenos Aires, you can get help from our incorporation agents. Our company incorporation consultants in Argentina can guide you well in this regard. So, the services of our agents are at your disposal to start a company in Argentina. 

Data about Argentina’s economy

Here are some statistics about Argentina’s economy if you decide on opening a startup in this country:

  • According to specialists’ estimates, an economic growth of approximately 3.2% is expected in 2024 in Argentina.
  • In 2023, an economic growth of approximately 1.6% was recorded.
  • About USD 116 billion was total FDI stock registered in Argentina.

We can help you if you want to open a company in other countries, such as Vietnam or Seychelles, through our local partners.

Contact our agents if you want to establish startups in Argentina. We are here to tell you more about company incorporation in Argentina.