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Trade Register in Argentina

Trade Register in Argentina

The Public Register of Commerce of Argentina, with the main office in Buenos Aires, is in charge of registering companies in the country whether they have local or foreign capital. The institution supervises anonymous companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or branches. With complete support in documents matters for the business registration from our company formation experts in Argentina, an entrepreneur can understand the terms and conditions related to company incorporation. To understand the proceedings of an Argentina company registry, you can get in touch with our company formation experts in this country. 

Important facets about the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina

The Public Register of Commerce in Argentina issues the identification number for each company in compliance with the Civil and Commercial Code. Entrepreneurs can ask for information about a particular company and verify with the Trade Register in Argentina. It is good to know that companies from abroad that intend to register a branch in Argentina are obliged to provide to the Public Register of Commerce the complete documentation, including a recent declaration of profits issued by an accountant in the country of origin. Such a document will only be accepted if it is adapted to the legal norms regarding converting the financial declarations in Argentina. Please consider that, for a better understanding of the requirements regarding the Argentina business registry, you can solicit information and guidance from our specialists in company formation.

Steps in registering an LLC in Argentina

Limited liability companies in Argentina are preferred forms of business by local and foreign investors. Such entities can be registered with the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Verify the company name with the Office of Corporations in Argentina and reserve it;
  2. Prepare the Articles of Association;
  3. Certify the signatures of the stockholders at a public notary;
  4. Make proof of the deposited minimum share capital;
  5. Pay the company registration tax.

Once these steps are fulfilled, the company owners must register for tax purposes with the National Tax Office in Argentina, which issues the firm’s tax identification number, and then register for social security with the Sistema Unico de Seguridad Social. If you have any questions about how an Argentina company registry works, you can interact with our team members without any reluctance.  Argentina draws a lot of foreign investment for a good reason. This country has one of the biggest economies in Latin America, with a GDP that exceeds USD 460 billion annually. With a population of about 40 million, the nation is also regarded as having a high-income economy, which means it has access to a young and talented labor force. However, Argentina also has a wealth of resources and has a lot to offer international investors and company owners who wish to set up a company in Argentina.

Steps in registering a subsidiary in Argentina

Argentina is an attractive site for international investors because of its vast human capital and possible commercial relationships with surrounding countries. Argentina’s laws are also friendly to foreign investors, with few limitations, and foreign investors are treated equally to indigenous enterprises. Before you start setting up your Argentina subsidiary, keep the following in mind:

  •  What type of business or sector do you wish to start?
  •  What are the nationalities of the headquarters and those involved?
  •  Do you have any existing business connections or agreements?
  •  Where is your subsidiary going to be based? Different laws and costs apply to other cities and areas.
  •  In terms of day-to-day operations and written documentation, what language will you use?

Most subsidiaries are run as limited liability partnerships with either people or businesses as partners. Forming a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Argentina could take months. There are several steps involved, including:

  •  Checking the name of the company with the Office of Corporations;
  •  Obtaining the notary public’s certification of all founding partners’ signatures;
  •  Making a first capital deposit at the National Bank;
  •  Publication in the official newspaper of a new partnership notification;
  •  Paying the fee for incorporation.

Those are only the first steps. As far as a subsidiary is concerned, the Argentina company registry also includes:

  • Obtaining business books;
  • A fiscal code;
  • A tax identification number;
  • Registration with the Public Register of Commerce.

Each stage adds extra time and, in some circumstances, money to the process. So, if you want your business registration, you can get in touch with our company incorporation consultants in Argentina. They will provide you with details regarding Argentina’s business registry.

Registration of a Branch in Argentina 

For enterprises with headquarters in another country, establishing a branch in Argentina is a viable alternative. Proof of the presence of the office overseas must be submitted to local authorities to open the branch. The branch will have to show that the following conditions have been met for carrying out business registry in Argentina:

  • Have its own accounting and submit an annual balance sheet to the governing authority in the country where the firm is being founded; 
  • Carry out business following partnership purposes; 
  • Have its own accounting and submit an annual balance sheet to the controlling authority.

Besides registration of a branch, you can also rely on your experts if you want to establish a sole trader in Argentina.

Registration of Argentina’s joint ventures

In Argentina, joint ventures (JV) are formed by forming a new legal company, usually a particular purpose vehicle (corporate JV), or by signing a collaboration agreement (contractual JV). Foreign enterprises that join a corporate or contractual JV must first register as shareholders of domestic companies or as Argentine branches with the appropriate local public registration and the necessary Argentine tax authorities. Foreign investors may be subject to restrictions in certain businesses under specific special regulations.

You are welcome to interact with our lawyers if you want to know the details of an Argentina company registry. Our seasoned team members will provide you with detailed guidance in this regard. 

Registration of simplified shares company in Argentina

To register a business at an Argentina company registry, you can choose from various forms of businesses/companies. Each of them has its own set of benefits and requirements. In many circumstances, the sort of company you choose will be determined by your firm’s demands and activities. When selecting the most acceptable organization to hire, seek advice from a local expert. Please find below the guide regarding forming an Argentine Simplified Shares Company:

  • Register with the Public Registry; 
  • Articles of incorporation; 
  • Deposit 25% of the subscribed capital with the National Bank of Argentina; 
  • Publish a notice of the company’s establishment in the legal Official Gazette; 
  • Pay the Public Registry’s incorporation fee;
  • Obtain official company books;
  • Obtain a tax identification number (a ‘CUIT’) once the firm has been registered.

Doing business in Argentina provides several commercial advantages since the country offers a plethora of intriguing investment prospects. Doing business in a new country, on the other hand, can be difficult because you will be dealing with a different culture, regulations, and standards.

Our company incorporation consultants can help you register your local business at Argentina’s company registry. If you are interested in doing business in this country, we have a team of local professionals who can assist you.

Argentina’s registered business data

Please find the following information regarding firms that were registered in Argentina in 2017 and 2018:

  • In 2018, the number of new businesses registered was 5,667;
  • This represents a reduction from the previous year’s (2017) figure of 6,209.

If you require more information about an Argentina company registry or the regulations surrounding a business registration, do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation agents.