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Virtual Office in Argentina

Virtual Office in Argentina

Companies in Argentina may or may not require a traditional office, as there are also other solutions. For example, one can direct his/her attention to a virtual office in Argentina, especially if he/she is an entrepreneur who wants to establish his/her presence on the market in a fast and cost-effective manner. In this situation, we suggest you get in touch with our company formation agents in Argentina, who can provide you with detailed information about setting up a company in Argentina and obtaining a virtual office.

The necessity of virtual offices

As the world is thriving through online businesses, a virtual office is a good idea as it provides you with an on-record address for your business entity. It is indispensable to have an on-record address because it creates a trustful atmosphere for customers and it is a legal obligation. The virtual office in Argentina comes with various packages so that you can choose according to your need. Having such a package will enable you to host on-site meetings, access mail handling services, and have a receptionist handling your calls. If you have just started a business and do not have enough funds to operate your own office, you are recommended to have a virtual office in Argentina. This step will save your energy and capital for renting out or purchasing a commercial office.

If you are interested in obtaining a virtual office in Argentina, you can trust the services of our skilled team members. They can help you find suitable packages for a virtual office that would provide you with access to conference rooms, professional reception staff, mail handling services, and elegant meeting rooms. With all these fantastic services, you will be able to conduct meetings in a real office space, book conference rooms as per your requirement.

Argentina provides an opportunity for people to start different kinds of companies in this country. These entities include limited liability companies (LLC), branches, and stock corporations. If you plan to start any of these companies in Argentina, you can get assistance from our skilled team members. They can help you create a business in Argentina by assisting you throughout application, documentation, obtaining licenses and permits, etc.

How can a virtual office help your business in Argentina?

Our team of company incorporation specialists in Argentina offers virtual offices for people in business from abroad who want to activate on the market in Argentina without purchasing or renting an office space. With a virtual office in Argentina, a company can receive the following services:

  • a notable business address;
  • dealing with email and correspondence;
  • forwarding or redirecting faxes and phone calls;
  • forwarding the mail and correspondence under the established priority;
  • preparing online presentations for future clients or partners;
  • scheduling business meetings;
  • offering support through a conference room, on request.

All the necessary information and updates can be quickly sent to the business owners in Argentina with a virtual office, with the help of all kinds of communication channels: email, fax, phone. For business owners, especially those who are just setting up a company in Argentina, finding the appropriate candidates with the necessary abilities is always a challenge. Argentina has a sizable population that is youthful, well-educated, and competent, which is exciting. In contrast to the workforce in other Latin American nations, a large portion of the Argentine population speaks English fluently. As a result, as an employer, you will be joining a market where there are many consumers as well as a pool of young, energetic, and educated people who are available to you without any language barriers.

Why choose a virtual office in Argentina?

 Foreign investors can open companies with complete help from our company formation agents in Argentina, who can also offer virtual offices on request. The company registration process in Argentina is subject to several working days with support from our advisors when drafting the necessary documents for incorporation. In this matter, the business can start in a fast manner if a virtual office is obtained. This is a suitable option and a proper way of communicating with potential clients from Argentina, as our team can manage the process. We remind that a virtual office in Argentina implies lower costs than a traditional one. Therefore, it is suggested that entrepreneurs start their activities as soon as the incorporation process takes place.

We are a team specialized in company formation in Argentina that can help you obtain a virtual office. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for additional details in this matter and related services. Our team can also help you with the registration process in Argentina.

The legality of virtual offices in Argentina

In Argentina, a company must provide its registered address. Otherwise, if a law firm office provides the registered address until the required entity comes up with a commercial address, that would be acceptable. So, if you want to start a virtual office in Argentina to regulate your business, you must not be worried about the legality of virtual offices in Argentina. But you need to be vigilant because this type of office may be considered illegal if a person does not entirely comply with the rules. Therefore, it is recommended to contact us for reducing your liabilities, obtain permits, IDs, and requisite licenses. These are some instructions that you must follow if you are planning to have a virtual office.

Our team members can help you in this regard. They can help you obtain a safe space for your meetings and other business requirements. Furthermore, if you want to open a branch, you can get help from our experts offering company registration services in Argentina.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in Argentina

The business climate in Argentina is not strongly developed, and this factor can create a base for foreigners to have new business opportunities. A foreign individual can efficiently operate his/her business through a virtual office in Argentina if they do not want to come and settle in this country. Due to the unsaturated marketplace in Argentina, investors in countries like the  Netherlands, Spain, the United States contribute with more than half of the foreign direct investments. Please find below the list of in FDI inward flows Argentina from 2018-2020:

  • in 2018, the FDI inward flow in Argentina was 11,873 USD million;
  • in 2019, it decreased to 6,663 USD million;
  • the FDI inward flow was further reduced to 4,123 million USD in 2020.

You can create new opportunities in this country by initiating your business using a virtual office in ArgentinaContact our experienced team members without any hesitation if you want to start a business in Argentina. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance in every step of business formation and registration.